It is our responsibility to create awareness and lead the suppliers to consider environmental impact and sustainability as key aspects in their business.

Healthy, safe food : Our clients want their products to be healthy and safe. Our producer network grow, process, transport and store their produce under healthy and safe conditions. 

Climate change: We use resources that do not adversely influence the climate, and focus on cutting down waste as well as recycling.

A little help... sourcing food

Sourcing Europa is working with outstanding producers, all of them are working responsably to ensure our planet's resources are available for generations to come.

Here is a couple of them:

Gabro Oil Mill

Eco Responsibility ... Since its foundation, Gabro oil-mill, has been practicing a sustainable agriculture, that has taken the Gabro extra virgin olive oil to be awarded among the firs in Italy with the certification of organic product. As a method for improving the quality of the fields, while feeding the passion for olive oil, Gabro try to find the best solutions to preserve the nature. Achieving solutions to environmental problems faced today, requires a long-term action in the framework of a sustainable development, in this regard, the look for renewable energy resources appears to be the one of the most efficient and effective solutions. Bio production

The sun powered business ... For these reasons, on 2008 Gabro has installed a group of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the plant, able to reach the maximum production of 50 Kw/h. Thanks to the mild weather of the region, the energy yield is the maximum that can be obtained on this planet. It can be calculated that the clean energy produced by the solar plant will lower the emission of carbone dioxide (CO2), approximately, 40 tons per year, that is equivalent to the carbon dioxide released, on an average, by driving a car for 190,000 Km.

How to recycle wastes production ... Another important issue in energy saving, is the search of new fuels for production of electricity and ambient heating. In order to avoid the use of gas or petrol and to recycle the mill wastes, olive stones from virgin olive pomace (nocciolino di sansa) are used for the production of hot water and for the conditioning of the plant. Mechanical machinery of nocciolino di sansa affords sRecyclingtones separation without using solvents or other chemical procedures. Pomace virgin olive stones, produced with this system, posses high caloric value, are Ecological and are available, in bulk, in winter (as the period of production goes from October to March). In addition to this, the fuel obtained, greatly reduce the production of smoke and ash, while it guarantees a longer life to the boilers. Gabro plant uses, for the ambient conditioning and for water heating, more or less 300 Kg of stones a day, during winter, whose caloric value is comparable to the use of 150 liters of Gas oil or 150 cube meters of Methane Then, using nocciolino di sansa, during winter, are saved, on the average, the equivalent of 27,000 m3 of methane or 27,000 liters of gas oil. 

Punto Verde.

The Organic Production ... The Punto Verde farm has been certified after a long and hard preliminary procedure, and since 2000 the organic processes have been applied to each cultivation.

Only organic fertilizers are used to improve the fertility of the soil and synthetic pesticides, plant growth regulators and genetically modified organisms are completely excluded. These methods respect biodiversity and attract beneficial insects that improve soil qualities and promote flower pollination.
Plants are irrigated using a sophisticated drip irrigation system, an essential strategy for a rational use of water resources and for having excellent cultivations. Each plant, in fact, receives only the amount of water needed, and this improves the taste and aroma of fruit and vegetables.

Private labelNature and not only ... The respect for nature is not the only aspect of our producers network. Some of them in fact, joins the Project Economy of Communion, a project that aim to spread a new economic model that puts the human being in the forefront. That is achieved by promoting the free market, but with a new business approach that comprises giving, solidarity, reciprocity, beauty, gratuity and – why not – spirituality and the sense of communion. For further information on this topic, visit the website