How does it work ?

- Have a look at our products selection.

- Contact us and we will email you a client form to be filled and the full prices list.

- Send us your order.

- We will email your order to each producer.

- The producer will email you their invoice with their conditions directly.

- You pay the suppliers directly.

- Your orders will be consolidated in a location in the north of Italy.

- Transport: we can organized it or you can use your own transport.

- Our fee is 120 euro up to one euro pallet and then 80 euro for any extra pallets.


Are the products available in every countries: No, it depend if the producer has an exclusivity contract. You can find the details in each producer's page.

How long for the delivery ?: 3 - 4 weeks, maybe longer depending on availability.

Wine import: You will need an excise number and correct license if you wish to order wine.

Main transport cost: The cost will be invoice directly to you by the transport company. We advise you to book your own transporter.

Dimension EU pallet: 800 mm × 1,200 mm × 145 mm 31.50 in × 47.24 in × 5.71 in

Can we order from Non-EU countries ?: Yes, however any authorization or custom cost is at your charge.

New products: We will always update our catalogue, however if you wish for another product, please do not hesitated to contact us.

Samples: The samples and the transport will be charge to you per producer and then will be deducted by the producer from your first order invoice.